Hello Loves,

Let me indulge you in the exciting trip I took to Nicaragua a few weeks ago…


  • This trip allowed the Entrepreneurial Leadership class that I am currently taking in my senior year of high school to go to another country and invest our time into taking interest in one of the projects that Opportunity International was working with. Our goal was to go learn about a few projects and choose one to work with so that we could come back to America and help plan and figure out ways to help the project benefit in the states.


  • This past week we have been researching 4 aspects for the product of Yucca
    • Determine the size of the addressable market for the gluten free niche, and other relevant market dynamics.
    • Identify the universe of potential customers for your product in the USA and Canada
    • Develop a strategy for selling to the customers within the defined niche.
    • Develop a logistics plan  that will serve needs of your customer base.

So with that here is a little trip recap of everything that went down in Nicaragua. (recap provided by my teacher)

Thursday – We met with a lady who works with this organization called Opportunity International. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THEM:

( )

We spotted two painted rocks while on a hike in the middle of nowhere… pt1

The view… we were actually on private property but none of us knew until the owner came out and we had a nice conversation with him of who we are and our purpose for being on his property… whoops. 

Saturday – We were able to visit one of the local farms and tour the fields and operations there from planting to harvest. Later that day we visited a local woodworker who has used Opportunity International’s microfinance loans to help develop and grow his business.  Microfinance is a big part of Opportunity International’s community building initiatives. Saturday night we went exploring in the beautiful city of Grenada.


Friday – On Friday morning we spent most of the day at the school where we were given a brief introduction to the school upon arrival.  Following a tour and background information of the school, 9 of their entrepreneur students gave presentations on the businesses they were developing. We were then able to sit down and have a Q&A session with them exploring partnership opportunities.  After leaving the school, we had lunch and then visited and toured the processing plant that Opportunity International built to support the local farmers as well as the agricultural side of the Emprendadora School.

Our view from our hotel

Sunday – We were able to worship at the church next door to where we were staying.  We were only able to stay briefly and worship before we had to leave for the airport, but to see a community of believers worshiping the same God was incredible and so amazing to witness.


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