dating / relationship advice

Hello Loves,

Welcome back! If you’re new here, hello.

I’d love to touch on a little bit of what is on my heart when it comes to relationships. This is more on the topic of romantic relationships but could be applied to a friendship as well.

disclaimer: this will probably be more focused towards girls 🙂

Since starting college a MAJOR saying here is “Ring Before Spring.”

Everyone at college is here for an education and a degree, yet also to find a spouse. Of course there are those who don’t find their spouse until after college, and that is okay.

Lately this has been my perspective on how I view a dating relationship, or a start to one.

no need to rush.

  • honestly, take your time, you have years ahead of you. The first person you interact with, will most likely not be your future spouse.
  • if chasing after people is a goal of yours, you are going to run into problems.

If chasing after boys leads to heartbreak, why do it? Why not wait for the perfect person to come along in God’s timing?

(it goes for friendships too…)

If chasing after popularity, or the “coolness” factor only leads to a few things; drugs, alcohol, etc. yet, none of it gets you ANYWHERE – soon you’ll have to grow up and handle a life of your own/a family of your own.

I’m so blessed to have found true unconditional love through my Savior. Unfortunately, there really isn’t an unconditional love found on this earth. Sure, your parents maybe, but when you get married there will be some sort of condition.

“I will love you, if you don’t _____”

trust me, God will provide in ways even more imaginable than you had planned on your own. It’s so amazing to see the blessings God gives after heartbreak or trouble before.

Deuteronomy 30:3 (NIV): “then the LORD your God will restore your fortunes and have compassion on you and gather you again from all the nations where he scattered you.”

In conclusion, (as if this is an essay assignment);

of course we all want to search for that PERFECT someone for us, but let us all try to be that PERFECT someone that others are looking for.


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